The Rising of Sammael

You never know who you're going to meet in Hell. Most of the times it's lost, lonely souls looking for a way to go home or get to Heaven. Will they ever make it? Who knows. All that Sammael cares about is getting revenge for, in his eyes, the greatest wrong doing known to angel and mankind alike. You see, there's this certain nerve in your brain, albeit an imaginary one, that when triggered, gives off the worst senseof hate, anger, bloody and unruly passion, lust for blood, ... okay, you get it. Anyway, God pretty much shattered the hell out of that nerve for Sammael. What, with his permanent and eternal expulsion from Heaven, of course he's irritated. But, as angry and upset this poor little "mistreated" angel may be, he has a plan. A plan to rule all plans. A plan to take Heaven. The only problem? He's got to get out of this hell hole they have him locked up in.
"I have got to get out of this hell hole!"
See? Anyway, there's only one of two ways to do that. Ask God for forgivness. A'int happening. Or, he could sit around patiently and wait for someone else to get tired of being second to humans. Well, at any rate, he won't have to wait long. One of Gods closest angels is about to betray him. No, really, he's on his way down to Hell right now.
"Uriel. What are you doing here? What do you want?"
"Well, Sammael, or should I call you Lucifer?"
"Get on with it you poor excuse for a gate keep. What? Did he send you down here to torture me more? False hopes of returning?"
"Actually, Lucifer...I bring true hope of return. Return and a chance to call Heaven your own kingdom."
"Well...at least I'm not the only one losing my mind in the past millinea. Was it Micheal or Gabriel who put you up to this? You know, you come to Hell for teasing people. You'd be surprised the kind of things I can do down here."
"You don't want my help, Lucy? Fine, I'll go on my own. You know, you're not the only one who wants to be back at the top of things. Just think about that."
"Wait...what do you have that can possibly help."
"Well, you remember that promise made to us by "daddy" way back when? The one that said that if we wanted something bad enough, all we had to do was give up our heavenly provision?"
"Yeah, and? What, you're going to give up your heavenly rights to let me out of here? Whatever."
"Consider it done."
There, right before Lucifer, the Devil himself, Uziel flashed a burst of white light, and when he reappeared, he was mortal. Lucifer felt a power crawling through him. A power so strong, not even the gates of Hell could hold it back. It was then, on that day, that Lucifer's curse was once again released on humanity.

Michael stood tall in front of the Heavenly Host Himself, waiting for his next mission. The Lord told Michael to rest, that he had done enough for one day. So, obediantly, Michael turned and left the throne room. He was outside of the large, jeweled doors and about halfway down the golden steps back into the City of Zion when he felt it. It was like someone had just walked up to him and drained him of his energy. The atmosphere in the city dimmed as well, which meant that God's power had diminished some what, too. A disturbance like this could only mean one thing. Michael looked down on the Earth and saw him, staring back behind a pair of black, wire rimmed sunglasses.